We will do our best to always be a unique, Spirit-inspired, Jesus-led,
unique organization of God to partner with churches, other
organizations, and people with a common heart to bring the good news
of the Gospel to unreached people on the entire American continent in a
tangible, real, permanent, transformational, no hit and run traditional way


We will not impose the Gospel on anyone. We will not try to be Jesus or take
credit for what He is doing. We will only preach His Word! We will be witnesses
who live from the love and mercy of Jesus who let His light shine and
demonstrate with actions what it is to be a Christian.
We will strive to continually follow God’s leadership by finding new areas of need
of each nature around these selected areas. We will connect these needs with our
partners and together we will provide the help.
We will recruit and mobilize people with talents of all kinds and mobilize them
where the need is to help. We will train the leaders of each target city and teach
them to excel in their vocation by equipping them with the best tools available.


In 2008 we began our operations connecting the A‍‍‍merican Church mission teams with 20 local churches around the Cancun area on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Then, a couple of years ago, in early 2010, God called us to expand our store and start doing missionary work in the Kantunilkin-based Maya Zone, Quintana Roo, and gave us the vision to plant 22 churches in the next 5 years in that area, we have planted 6 so far.

Now, God has called us to expand again by launching the new branches into our ministry, and that is our Mission Houses in Ichmul, Mexico and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Contact We are very deserving of His many blessings, but in spite of that God continues to provide all our needs and bless us with many more opportunities to reach out to more people with the Gospel of Truth around southeast Mexico, Central America and Southeast U.S.

Our vision continues to expand and become ever bigger and …. That’s where you come in!

‍‍‍If you are interested in learning more about who we are and what we do, visit and learn more about different opportunities to partner with us and connect to what God is doing through our ministry.